Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia Manga My Hero Academia Memes Boku No Hero Izuku Deku Cosplay Deku X Uraraka Anti Gravity Tamako Love Story Manga Anime I translate fanart and write fics. the multiverse is a weird place full of every kind of situations, in one universe izuku midoriya is a hero who inherited one for all from the number one hero and symbol of peace all might, but in another universe he became a villain and in another one he got killed by the league of villainsso why don't we explore some of this universes and their infinite possibilities?. '' My apologizes, mother and father. robin, izumomo, deku. Villain Deku Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia Manga My Hero Academia Memes Izuku Midoriya Cosplay Deku Cosplay Anime Cosplay Marvel Comics Deku Anime Read Chapter 1 from the story Izuku the Green Robin ( IzuMomo Story ) ADOPTED! by justredhead with 4,026 reads. Boku No Hero Academia My Héros Academia Fanart My Héros Academia Fanart. This is the "Halloween special" for my Deadpool-esque Izuku If you haven't read Regenerate, Fate, all you need to know is: Izuku Midoriya is the vigilante known as Oni, with a regeneration quirk. Izuku at age 10 gets adopted by a certain rat man. quirkdeku, fembakugo, nicebakugo. My name is HolyAppleFruit, as you can tell, and I'm making a new story! I've recently been readin' some BNHA/MHA (Boku no Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia) AND! I found a recent fanfic about Dadzawa fanfic with Izuku/Deku as his biological father/adopted father. romance, allmight, fanfiction. Aizawa <